Internetprojects "Light"

Many language teachers, - also the more experienced ones use the computer and the Internet very much in their daily work. But I also meet colleagues, who do not like to use the Internet in the language lessons, because they have bad experiences:
The students use too much time with too few results, it is hard to find
useable sites and they forget to write the internet adresses and cannot find them again.
Many teachers get frustrated and think that it is easier to teach with books and a sharp pencil.
I have 28 years teaching experience, the last 5 years in a 10.grade school. I have made many projects, - and made all the mistakes you can make. I have made this homepage for you to share my experiences and good ideas, that I have collected.
I myself teach german, so I have most ideas for german lessons, but I think you can find some useable things for the english lessons too.
I wish you many good projects!